Welcome to the Multi-scale Geomechanics Lab!

At the multi-scale geomechanics lab, we work on multi-scale geomechanical modeling, Thermo-Hydro-Chemo-Mechanical (THCM) couplings in porous and fractured media, and the application of data-driven methods to geotechnical engineering.

A major focal point of our work over the coming years is to gain a further understanding of the microscopic properties and the THCM coupling processes that characterize the macroscopic properties of geomaterials. The overarching goal of these activities is to develop a rigorous and mechanics-based framework for predicting the evolution of intrinsic properties and the mechanical behavior of materials. Our research aims to shed light on the resilient and sustainable geotechnical and geological engineering systems (e.g., CO2 sequestration, Hydrogen storage, Lunar soils).

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